What should an offline business do during this pandemic

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With the COVID-19 pandemic sending numerous employees’ home for the quarantine, the first reaction of many businesses is to panic — what to do? What if people start actually saving the leftover money (after they have bought a million packs of toilet paper)? What if everyone remains home and doesn’t visit the store? What if people won’t be able to shop for homes because they are stuck where they live and yet, your salary and ability to buy groceries for your family depend on your realtor job? What if, what if, what if?

However, if we look at such companies as Amazon, they are hiring 100,000 new employees to keep up with the global demand. While few businesses are as big as Amazon, let’s talk about how digital transformation can help small and medium businesses stay afloat during these uncertain times.

In this article, we’ll touch upon several industries that are usually thought of as mostly offline:

· Real Estate

· Banking

· Restaurants

· Art Galleries & Museums

· Fitness Studios & Gyms

· Education

· Retail

Real estate:

Nothing is more blocks and concrete than land (since it’s truly made of blocks and mortar.) Property designers and real estate agents make living on building and selling houses, lofts, and workplaces. Be that as it may, when everybody needs to remain inside except if there is a basic need, what can land laborers do to prop their work up?

There are at any rate two programming answers for the issue.

3D and Virtual Reality Tours

With the assistance of a 3D visit, land engineers can grandstand their properties to potential clients (and keep the social removing going). While this isn’t equivalent to being available in the loft or house face to face, it’s as of now an awesome instrument to begin your presale procedure directly in anticipation of things to come.

After the emergency, the market for the most part takes around 2–3 years to reestablish the present figures. In the event that you investigate the economy’s bend at the present time, it’s taking a plunge all inclusive, so we encourage not to contribute effectively right now. In any case, we as a whole comprehend that after any sort of emergency, the economy will begin the upscale once more. Utilize this semi-calm time to completely set up your business forms for the online world and for future development.

Right now of the bifurcation, when the economy rises once more, the ventures will raise to 20% per annum for the following 5–7 years and that will be an extraordinary time for the Real Estate organizations.

As far as the innovations to utilize, remember that the improvement of an extravagant VR application would take about a month (and would require extra hardware on your customer’s side), however AR is conceivable in any event, utilizing your telephone, so don’t lose your opportunity.

With Google’s ARVR venture just as the most recent telephones, it’s anything but difficult to make such a visit all alone even. When you have the prepared visit record, you can transfer it to such stages as Venbona (Switzerland/Austria/Germany) or find comparative stages where you are found.

Broadcasting and Video Calls

In the event that you don’t have the assets as of now to create 3D or virtual visits, you can use basic video calls. On the off chance that the real estate agent is the main individual in a specific area, at that point social separating isn’t penetrated.

For these reasons, you can utilize Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype, or some other that you or your customers may like.

Searching for an improvement accomplice? We have a few land customers, so we know the business from within. Send us a message and how about we make an answer for you.

Money related and BANKING SERVICES

Various banks and money related establishments are moving their administrations on the web, yet a great deal of them despite everything have physical areas.

One of the approaches to manage isolate is to begin looking towards offering your administrations on the web. A definitive arrangement is an application that would dispose of the need to go to the bank. This is actually the way taken by supposed neobanks or computerized banks. A large portion of them have ties with “customary” banks, yet it’s imperative to be accessible to the clients any place they are.

The improvement of such an application is anything but a basic and fast procedure (due to numerous legitimate and security safety measures), however think about effectively glancing in the area of online administrations and answers for your business.

What are the benefits of neobanks for customers and entrepreneurs?

• Clients approach their financial records in their pockets with notices, money the board, and different little gamification choices. They additionally can appreciate every minute of every day support without visiting a bank.

• For the entrepreneurs, there are no physical areas, which limits social contact and contamination spread during the hour of the isolate. After the isolate is finished and the world is returning to ordinary, your customers will have the option to keep utilizing the application they became accustomed to (raising your consistency standards.)

• Quality rather than amount. You can save money on managerial staff, recruiting the individuals who are exceptionally able to manage muddled issues and not have a thousand workers that are there only for it. The equivalent applies to lease costs for the areas.

In Ukraine, for instance, such is the method for the Monobank. There are various in Europe, the USA, and Australia also. This site offers a near table of different neobanks in the USA.

Cafés and CAFES

We comprehend that a great deal of the eatery’s appeal lies in the genuine physical area — inside plan, inviting climate, getting a charge out of the sentiment of being served. Would that be able to be moved into the online world?

Nourishment, obviously, stays physical. Nonetheless, what cafés CAN do (particularly, once more, in the light of the COVID-19, when a great many eateries and bars are shut for guests) is amplify on conveyance administrations. There is an overall pattern called “dull kitchens,” where there are no shopper confronting components (tables, seats, and so on.) and the culinary experts are preparing the nourishment to be conveyed or selected up as a take.

There are two different ways you can do it:

1. You can join with the current conveyance benefits that exist in your city. It tends to be something like UberEats or Glovo. The upside of this arrangement is that you don’t have to put a great deal of accounts into the underlying dispatch. In any case, you have to consider that every one of those administrations take a level of your profit.

2. You can make your own café’s answer for conveyance. Other than conveyance alternatives, extra highlights of such an answer can incorporate gamification (for instance, the client can filter a code and get extra limits later on in the wake of gathering a necessary measure of focuses), your itemized menu, data about the eatery’s working hours and unique occasions, and so forth. In the event that you have a chain of bistros, you can likewise have a guide of areas.

HUSPI has been working with a customer who claims a few fish cafés in the city. They had two principle needs — an online retail facade and a conveyance application for clients. Since the business’ principle wellspring of income was disconnected stores, they expanded that need. In any case, presently in the light of the isolate, they are confronting the way that a committed conveyance application would’ve been significantly increasingly valuable. Over the span of this undertaking, we have built up a white-name answer for the call place authoritative board, where the requests can be handily appointed to conveyance aides. The board is incorporated with the kitchen the board arrangements.

We are additionally taking a shot at a contactless installment answer for a café arrange. The thought is that cafés and little coffeehouses will have the option to work by any stretch of the imagination (since in the light of the isolate, they are generally shut on the off chance that they can’t give conveyance.) The installment arrangement uses a Telegram bot and a money related administrations stage. The manner in which it works is the customer goes to the entryway of the foundation, checks the QR code to get into the Telegram gathering, where s/he can see the menu (with or without pictures.) The customer taps on the things s/he needs and pays for the request in the Telegram. When the installment is handled, the barista gets the message on her/his telephone about the request and starts setting it up. After the espresso (or nourishment) is prepared, the barista or the server takes the request, effectively stuffed, to the support zone (a spot where 2m/6ft separation can be seen among individuals) and leaves it for the client to get it.

Need an individual application for your eatery’s conveyance that can be incorporated with most ERPs and CRMs? Send us a message — we have a white-mark item for that.

Craftsmanship GALLERIES and MUSEUMS

Only two or three weeks back, HUSPI has got done with chipping away at an undertaking for the UN’s HeForShe development that was devoted to the HeForShe Arts Week 2020 and highlighted works of celebrated Ukrainian female craftsmen.

With the assistance of Augmented Reality (AR), anybody can respect the centerpieces with the assistance of the versatile application for Android and iOS.

This application isn’t the just one in its sort, yet it is assembling increasingly more footing since it opens the open doors for some to see the craftsmanship and different areas, where numerous individuals around the globe would some way or another not get an opportunity to visit. These applications are additionally an awesome option as far as the inclusivity since they help individuals with constrained development capacities witness the heavenly craftsmanship and travel the world over without leaving their home.

As of late, Google additionally propelled its undertaking where you can investigate national parks by means of 360-degree virtual visits. It is in every case better to visit these face to face, we won’t attempt to demonstrate something else. In any case, when you are left with your children at home during the isolate, visiting national parks online assists with dreaming and construct plans for what’s to come.

Need an AR arrangement like this for your craft exhibition or gallery? We should examine this.

Wellness and GYMS

There are a great deal of fitness coaches and wellness applications accessible on the web. Be that as it may, what do you do when your principle business is a disconnected exercise center and gathering preparing, however out of nowhere individuals are on isolate and can’t come?

A couple of HUSPI colleagues are a piece of a little disconnected rec center and when the isolate measures were placed into power, we were disillusioned: what do you do? We JUST showed signs of improvement at wellness… Boo.

And afterward, our wellness studio (hi, #hiitworks) began doing on the web video streams on Instagram. Other than one free preparing every day, they likewise propelled a paid online wellness challenge for the individuals who might want individual preparing openings and accomplishments’ following.

While it is still better to prepare at the rec center (where the environment itself is helpful for the spirit and the gear is promptly accessible), such streams help the mentors to remain above water during the occasions when they can’t meet with their customers face to face.

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